We are raising money for our friends father who has a terrible disease called sepsis.
This has consequently led him into having both his legs (from below the knee) amputated, limiting him from doing his favourite
activities.So, we have made a charity to raise money for his prosthetic legs.
We hope to get him these legs for him because that will mean he will be able to do his favourite things like;
fishing, cycling and playing football.
Our event (the drawing competition) will take place from the: 27th February and 10th of March to sign up and finish your work! You can colour a sheet we have provided for you, draw an existing super hero/villan or make up your own master-peice.Draw it! Colour it! Paint it! Collage it! You can do your artwork in any style! (Thats what makes it unique)!
You will need to bring in 50p to contribute to the charity. (You can donate more if you feel generous)
Thank you for all of your generous for this activity alone we have raised and amazing amount of: 81.70
We are so thankful as this is going to a really good cause and once again THANK YOU!!!!!!!!