Would you like to show off some of your fantastic drawing skills ?

If yes then come on down to Birch Hill Primary school in Bracknell for the amazing drawing competition.

WARNING : Due in on the 10th of March 2017. If you missed it then you can not enter, unfortunately.

The theme for the competition is superheros and super villans. If you are in school years 2 or under you can colour in a coulering sheet.
If you are in KS2 you must draw your own.There is abig prize for the winner and runners up.

This amazing avent raised a massive 81.70.We also had some fantastic winners from across the school.

All this money will be going to are good friends,Lennie and Harry's, dad who needs proatechic legs having suffed from sepsis.

The winners for ks1 are:
1st Rebeka Liepingskaite 1R/D
Runners up are :
Ben Pring 2HW.Lucy Corless 2HW. Eyla Shinnick 1RD.
The KS2 winners are :
1st Jessica Marks 3J
The runners up are:
Cordila Gones 4G. Jessica Buttler3J. Jack Smith 5B

We had some wortwhile winners but we want to say a massive THANKYOU to any one who took part.
This ment that although you didn't win you helped
raise some money so BE PROUD OF YOUR SELF.