Kingswood 2017

Tuesday 16 May 2017, 9:08AM

After a delay at Portsmouth because of their refurbishment of the ferry terminal, we arrived at Kingswood tired, excited intrepid travellers.  Greeted by smiling Kingswood staff, the children found a new burst of energy and completed their first activity: low ropes, fencing, rock climbing or problem solving.

The evening activity was loud and fun.  One child ( who shall remain nameless) does a great impression of a confused horse!  I will say no more.

Cocoa beckoned and then bed.  After some lively activity, all was quiet in Culver View.

This morning we have all made our way to breakfast and filled up ready for the next activity.  An update of how we get on will be coming soon.

Wet news from the Isle of WightBack to top

You couldn't get two such different days as the last two!  One day bright and sunny and the next was wet, wet, wet and more wet.  Still we soldiered through and the children have been enjoying themselves on all sorts of activities: low ropes, obstacle course, nightline, Jacob's ladder, 3G swing, Bush craft and even a trip in the sea!

Everyone is enjoying the food - roast dinner tonight.  Sleeping was better last night and we are hoping that they have learnt that a good night leads to a good day. 

The evening entertainment has been interesting with children making robots out of scrap and solving a murder. 

Tomorrow looks like a better day with only a few clouds.  That is good because we need to dry out and we won't have any more fights about wearing coats!

More news soon.

Party at 'The Club'Back to top

What a strange day.  First we woke to dull skies, but soon the soon broke through and our trip to the beach to explore the rock pools was all the better.  The children loved the rock pools and were very excited to find all the different creatures in their natural habitat.  It was quite a struggle to convince them that the session was over as they were having so much fun.

The afternoon activities split us up with some swimming whilst others enjoyed activities such as: volleyball, nightline, archery and the obstacle course. 

The main event, however, is the disco at 'The Club'.  The  outfits were shaken out from their cases and sweet smelling children emerged from their showers ready for the party.

This will be the last update before we set off on our journey tomorrow.  They are looking forward to seeing you all and don't forget that updates of any delays will be on Parent Hotline.  See you tomorrow.

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