Learning And Literacy Needs

This can include difficulties with:

  • Reading and spelling
  • Learning and remembering new information
  • Working with numbers
  • Working memory
  • Concentration
  • Conditions such as Specific Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, general learning difficulties, ADHD

What Birch Hill Can OfferBack to top

  • Dedicated, experienced and caring staff; some of whom have received training in supporting pupils phonics, spellings and reading difficulties
  • Access to assessments by outside agencies such as the Teaching and Support Service who can then offer recommendations to both the school and the family
  • Opportunities to help support the development of key skills in small group and 1:1 settings
  • Access to a range of support materials and equipment.

Targeted group support may include:Back to top

  • Booster lessons and small group interventions that will focus on the particular needs of the group: such as reading, comprehension, spelling, writing and fluency
  • Advice from Educational Psychologist at our termly consultation and Liaison meeting
  • Intervention groups provided by in - school additional teacher, the Teaching and Support Service specialist teachers, and Language and Literacy specialist teachers.
  • Additional support through our SEN teaching assistants and class Teaching assistants.

Targeted individual support may includeBack to top

  • Daily, individual reading sessions,
  • A range of intervention programmes that will focus on the individual needs of the pupil.
  • Termly assessments (in Key Stage 2) of reading, comprehension and spelling so we can review and plan next steps.

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