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On this page you can see a number of different curriculum overviews. Further information can be found on the Year Group Message pages on this website. All these links are to PDF files. They open in THIS window.

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Summaries of the topics taught in the different year groups.
Any variations from this will be shown on the relevant year group message page


All About MeAutumnEmergency Services

Year 1

Animal AllsortsBrilliant BodiesLet's Celebrate
Posting & PlacesThe Big BuildThe Potting Shed
To The RescueWhere Shall We GoWho Am I

Year 2

Blown AwayFlying HighHome & Away
National Celebration - Two QueensSowing & GrowingThrough The Keyhole
Town Mouse Country MouseTrading Places: Britain or Brazil?What Do I Need To Be Me?

Year 3

Around The World In 20 DaysArt On Your DoorstepFrom Source To Sea
Set In StoneShadow DancersShake, Rock & Roll
What Did The Romans Do For Us?What's The Attraction?Why Are Humans Animals Too?

Year 4

Amazing AmazonA Place For EverythingBatteries Included
Dragons: Fact Or FictionIt's A Small WorldSounding Off
The Good, The Bad & The UglyWere The Dark Ages Dark?Where Does My Food Go?

Year 5

Fever, Fire & FashionNo Way BackOur Commonwealth
Poles ApartRites & RitualsRound & Round
The Ancient GreeksThe World Is Our OysterTo The Stars

Year 6

A Time To ShineA Voyage of DiscoveryAngry Earth
The Battle Of BritainWhat's Happening NowWho's The Mummy
Whose Taking ControlYou ChooseYou're Hired

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Here are some links to pdf documents that outline teaching objectives in Writing, Reading, Speaking & Listening and Mathematics in the different Year Groups.

Any variations from this will be shown on the relevant year group message page. 

WritingReadingSpeaking & ListeningMaths
Year 1Year 1Year 1Year 1
Year 2Year 2 Year 2Year 2
Year 3Year 3Year 3Year 3
Year 4Year 4Year 4Year 4
Year 5Year 5Year 5Year 5
Year 6Year 6Year 6Year 6

National Curriculum 2014 InformationBack to top

You can download a pdf of the presentation shown at the meeting on Thursday 5th February 2015 here

The curriculum guides can be downloaded here:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6

PhonicsBack to top

We teach phonics through Letters & Sounds, with additional resources from Jolly Phonics.  Please click here for the Jolly Phonics Parent Guide.

Please click here for the Phonics Parents Presentation

HandwritingBack to top

Since Autumn 2017 we have introduced cursive handwriting across the whole school. Children in Nursery and Reception will be introduced to this once they have mastered ‘print’. Please click here to see how each letter formation is formed.

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