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Back in November, Miss Bradley and Mrs Covell took an eager group of 16 children along to Easthampstead Park school to meet the author Guy Bass.
After a hilarious talk about his early life and then how he started writing, he then read a short extract from one of his books and the children were hooked!
On returning to school, the planned books that we had organised for the two groups to read were swiftly put on hold and Guy Bass books rapidly ordered for the following week.
There followed an exciting few weeks as Stitch Head or Secret Santa (depending on the group)were keenly read and discussed up to the last week of term, the only disappointment coming as we reached the end of the books and they had no more to read over the holidays...

Imogen and Zoey both wrote predictions about Secret Santa

I think Secret Santa is about an agent, that delivers presents to all of the good children really swiftly and secretly around the world on Christmas Eve.
I also think he is the ultimate secret agent and X.M.A.S. is the name of his secret agent base.
I think Secret Santa goes undercover, with Rudolph and his elf friends, with a mission to turn the naughty children into good children so everyone gets a present on Christmas day.

I think because it says on the cover agent of X.M.A.S. he steals presents, instead of giving them out, and the title Secret Santa means that he is on some sort of secret mission! he has lots of gadgets that he uses on his missions (agent of X.M.A.S.. I think he has a very sturdy pair of shoes so he can climb up anything that gets in his way! His elves are dying out so he has to make a gun that (Instead of Rudolph being a reindeer)recycles old elves and turns them into new ones!

Were either of them right? You'll have to read the book...

Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne JonesBack to top

Our next book was a bit of a mystery as, at first glance (stained glass pictures), it was hard to tell what category it would fit into. It turned out to be magic and fantasy and our intrepid readers were soon hooked into the story.
How would our 2 unlikely heroes, Andrew and Aidan, manage to best the mysterious Mr Brown and what is the secret of the coloured glass in the door and the shed? Just how many people living in Melstone have the name Stock? Can the future really be predicted by reading the results of horse races? All this and more is to be found through the Enchanted Glass...

Legend of Frog by Guy BassBack to top

Here's Caitlin's review of our final book
I really liked the legend of frog by Guy Bass. I've read some other Guy Bass books. I like his books because none of them are the same. My favourite character is Frog because Frog is very adventurous and very funny, he is also a prince. Prince frog came from an egg that princess found - she was the only one alive after the end of the world. Frog was not aloud to leave the littel island Frog grew up on. But Frog doesn't go by the rules. He wasn't alowed off the island because the end of the world was still happening. This book reminds me of the muppets because frog is Kermit and princess is Miss Piggy and more.

Welcome to the new Year 5 readersBack to top

And so we grow...
Whilst we still have an avid reading group from year 6, that are exploring books that are not in our library, researching new books to read, we welcome a new group from year 5 who are delighting in the chosen books from last year starting with the Guy Bass favourite - Secret Santa.

Year 6 have just finished What the Moon Said by Gayle Rosengren which is set in America during the depression era.
Their combined reviews seem to indicate they enjoyed it.
The book was challenging to read but very enjoyable. It was just pages and pages of awesomeness - brilliant! You should definitely read this - one of my favourite books.
We can't wait to read another one - hurry up Mr Postman!

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