Nursery Messages

We would like to let you know a little more about the Nursery class, staff and what we do with the children.

The Nursery Team is made up of:

• Mrs Giles: Nursery Teacher
• Mrs Studer: Nursery Nurse
• Mrs Hartley: Nursery Nurse
• Mrs Mitchell: Teaching Assistant
• Mrs Shore: PPA Cover Teacher (every other Monday)

As you will have seen the children self-register by posting their name in the post box. They then have some time to come in and play before we start key group time.

Once the children are settled and comfortable we will place them into Key Groups. The Sun group is with Mrs Giles, the Moon group is with Mrs Studer and the Star group is with Mrs Hartley. During key group time we sing the days of the week song and do the calendar. We then have a short discussion/learning time which is either based upon our current topic, a circle time game or a maths topic.

Your child will also be able to take home their key group toy. Each child will take the toy home once a term. The toy goes home on a Friday and needs to be back at Nursery on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. We encourage you to write about what you have done and send in photos.

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