Online Payment

School Meals at Birch Hill are provided in house.The current menu can be seen here

It is possible to make online payments for school meals.
To do this, follow this link. 

Please note that you need to keep the account in credit.The school will follow this procedure should you not keep the account in credit:
1. A Text message will be sent to you as soon as your account goes into debit, no matter how small the amount.
2. The Text message will be re-sent for up to 4 days until your account settled.
3. If your account is not settled by the 5th day, the school office will phone you.
4. If account is still not settled within a week, then you will receive a letter informing you that unless the account is settled before the start of the following week, your child will be unable to receive a school meal.

This booklet explains how to go about making online payments and also how to order meals online. This school uses online ordering in the classroom, so it is possible for you to order in advance as described in the booklet.

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