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For home learning this half term, we are concentrating on revision.

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Well! We arrived with no problems after our long journey. All the children were very well behaved on the coach. Arriving in Rhos-y-Gwaliau was a real treat. The beautiful countryside, snow topped hills and a lovely welcome from the staff put all the children at ease and we settled into our dorms and learned the routines in no time.
After a delicious tea of fish, chips and peas, we put on our outdoor gear, grabbed our torches and went on a night walk – including an opportunity to gaze at the stars! What a wonderful sight it was, watching the children ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at the wonders above them.
Back home and straight to bed and a good nights’ sleep.
Everyone has been up since 7:00 this morning and already excited about the day ahead; a range of activities from canoeing, rock scrambling, mining. 

Oh my goodness!  What a two days!  We started Monday by climbing a challenging mountain and I am pleased to report that everyone got to the summit.  It was difficult for some, but they never gave up and with the encouragement of the others, we all made it.  It especially delighted the children to see Ms Cameron slide down on her bottom when we were nearly at the top!  Such an exhausting day was followed by good food and a quiz hunt round the centre. Soon we were all tired and as our heads hit the pillow snoring could be heard down the corridor – and that was just Mr Dillon!

Up nice and early on Tuesday to the wonderful smell of croissants.  We split up today and some of us were canoeing and sliding down the river at the bottom of the gorge and some of other went to the slate mines. Everyone had a fantastic day and came back to the centre famished.  Voted the best meal of the week so far was Leek and Potato soup; chicken pie, carrots, beans and potatoes; followed by cheesecake.  Once dinner was served, off  we went to the evening activity – Nightline.  What is Nightline, I hear you say? A roped course in the darkness of the countryside with only the stars to guide you.  Don’t worry we didn’t lose anyone!

I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow?

I can’t tell you how exciting it is here!  On Wednesday or Thursday we went to the beach and learnt all sorts of things about the estuary.  In addition, we had the chance to do some really cool rock climbing. One was called: ‘The Spliter’ and believe me; it nearly did split some of us in half!  The weather was nice as well, which helped!  It rained overnight and cleared up for our activities – someone is looking after us.  Our other activity was visiting the slate mines, which were fascinating.  We were able to link our work we did in the Victorian topic to our visit.  The mine first opened in 1850, so we were able to see for ourselves the conditions that the Victorian children would have had if they worked in the mines.  We experienced real darkness and ate our lunch by candlelight, just as they would have done.  As well as a lot of history, we had our challenges, which we all enjoyed – even those of us that were not so sure about going in the first place.

The evening activities have been equally welcome.  Wednesday we had our showers, got into our PJs, brought our duvets down and snuggled in the common room for film night.  Popcorn was available and everyone had a great time watching ‘Johnny English’.

On Thursday evening we were active again and orienteered ourselves around the grounds of the centre to crack the code.

Can’t wait for the final activities tomorrow: hill walk, zip line and packing for the journey home.  Don’t forget we are coming home on Saturday – around 2.00pm.  I will update you by text when we leave and give you an update when we can be sure of our arrival time.

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