Enrichmnent Activities and During School Clubs

Enrichment Activities - Trips, Journeys, Visitors & Themed Days.

During the school year various visits and activities may be arranged as part of your child's education. We also occasionally have productions from visiting theatre groups and talks and presentations from appropriate experts. In addition, day trips and visits may be organised in relation to school work. We will give you advance notification of such events and will usually request a voluntary contribution to cover our costs.

Year 6 children have the opportunity to go on an extended school journey. This has been in the form of a visit to an activities centre in the UK, where the children work with fully qualified staff at such exciting activities as abseiling, horse riding and canoeing.

Peripatetic music teachers for brass, violin and woodwind visit the school. A charge is made for these activities.

During School Clubs

The school undertakes many extra club/ activities, both at lunchtime and after school, when pupils can enjoy sport, dance, choir, artwork, technology and musical opportunities. There is also cycling proficiency for upper junior children. Relevant information and a consent form for signing will be sent to parents whose children are interested in taking part in out-of-school activities.

Clubs vary according to the time of year and what staff feel they are able to offer.

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